Hiatus of the Week

It’s time for a break, hoes. You know I  live to entertain and fill your wee minds with extensive knowledge, but I must divulge into the real world. I’ve got infinite amounts of school work and other things to attend to, namely your mother. Please allow for this break, and count on me to rock your worlds once again when I return.

Until then, enjoy this techno banger. It sounds like throwing knives of techno in your brain.

– The Warren


Music of the Day

Teardrop – Massive Attack


Thing 1, Thing 2

Date Night is the story of Mr. and Mrs. Foster looking for a little excitement in their monotonous married life . And excitement is what they got! OH MY GOD!…. …  Riddled with bullshit car chases, stupid celebrity cameos, and weak sentiment, this movie hardly met my expectations.

In fact, this movie blew hard. I actually saw this on a date! It was a rainy Friday afternoon, the perfect opportunity to show my woman I truly care and love to spend time with her alone. We both had a rough week and were looking for the perfect stimulus to start the weekend, blah blah blah… The problem with this movie holds the same problem as talking about my personal life:  NO ONE CARES ABOUT BULLSHIT RELATIONSHIP PROBLEMS.

This movie tried way too hard to be significant and cute. The “married” couple painted themselves as troubled; upset with the day-to-day life of a married couple, constantly shooting each other stupid, “sad” looks that was supposed to shake the audience to the core. FALSE. Great cinematography, dickheads.

I went to this movie to be entertained, but instead all I was left with was a hell of a stomach ache from the popcorn-Bunch a Crunch-Sour Patch combo I shoveled into my body as to cope with this shithole of a movie.

Date Night is a formulaic comedy, one of those comedies that makes you want to throw rocks at the fucking projector to demonstrate your displeasure, ya know?! You can’t just throw two funny people in a movie and call it a success. No way! The funniest part of the movie were the out-takes, where you could see that Steve Carrell and Tiny Fey were actually funny. Instead they were robots, repeating lines from a stupid fucking screenplay.

Don’t see this movie.

April Uprising is John Butler Trio‘s fifth studio album since their first over ten years ago. The John Butler Trio is a jam band/ folk roots group from Australia led by  guitarist and vocalist John Butler. This band has flown under the radar since their creation but are adored by the independent music industry, including myself. I’ve had the pleasure of seeing them live and their musicianship is outstanding and the show is mesmerizing. John Butler himself comes off as a very cool and down to earth kind of dude (literally). The trio incorporates banjos and bongos in their shows, and can turn a five minute studio song into a twenty minute extravaganza. Don’t expect much of that in their new album, however.

April Uprising is undoubtedly a good production, even by John Butler’s standards. The sounds in each track are diverse and unique, and the bass line always bumps a funky groove. Tracks such as “Close to You” or “Don’t Wanna See Your Face” represent the classic John Butler Trio sound. In fact, overall this album has a very funky feel to it. Songs such as “Revolution” and “Ragged Mile” represent the trio’s versatility and ability to seamlessly transition into a folk group. But this funk and folk combination has come to be expected in every John Butler album. The problem? It’s not funky enough!

The case of John Butler Trio is very similar to that of the Kings of Leon. April Uprising represents a transition to a more studio-based, pop-alternative-rock album than the previous albums. Just like Kings of Leon’s Only By The Night, April Uprising should draw in a larger fan base, at the expense of others. I stay true to John Butler, just like I did Kings of Leon, as this album was enjoyable and musical. But the continuous classic sound of Grand National, one of my favorite albums of the year, is found only in increments in April Uprising. I can’t label John Butler as sell-outs, but they are certainly trying to make a splash in the mainstream market.

Perhaps the (relative) failure of this album is the replacement bassist, Nicky Bomba. No doubt his sound works with John Butler, but Shannon Birchall will undoubtedly be remembered for the ease and intricacy of his grooves in Grand National and Sunrise Over Sea. The most interesting song on the album responds to Shannon Birchall’s leave from the group, “Johnny’s Gone”, where John Butler claims they don’t need him and “have a lot left in the tank”. The song and album is a real tribute to their potential, but they certainly lack that same sound from the earlier years.

Highpoints: One Way Road, Don’t Wanna See Your Face

Lowpoints: I’d Do Anything

Da Rockwilder – Method Man & Redman

Method Man – Wu-Tang Clan

Liquid Swordz – GZA

This dude is straight outta the south.

Raise Up – Petey Pablo

Party banger.

Freek-A-Leek – Petey Pablo


Vibrate – Petey Pablo

Gangsta Shit.

Lil’ Wayne’s an animal. The Young Money thug is currently serving a year in prison so the music comes sparingly, but the classics bump forever. Here are the Warren’s Top 5 Lil’ Wayne Jams.

#5 – Triggaman (feat. Curren$Y) – Lil’ Wayne

Two ill samples accompanied by Weezy killing bars… pretty typical.

#4 – Sportscenter – Lil’ Wayne

Two minutes of Weezy bliss. Dedication 2.

#3 – The Best Rapper Alive – Lil’ Wayne

Gangsta’ shit guaranteed to pump you up. The Carter II.

#2 – Fireman – Lil’ Wayne

If you’re feeling too hot, Weezy will put you out. The Carter II.

#1 – A Milli – Lil’ Wayne

Bass bumpin’ classic. Rocks the #1 spot no question. The Carter III.